Today I finally received my package with the new Canon EOS R6 MKII, after just 2 days waiting time (Kudos to Calumet Photographic Germany) – unboxing – time – yay.

So, big unboxing today. From the outside there seems to be no big difference to the MKI, other than the ON – Switch has moved to the right hand side. Which is rather nice. They added a photo /video toggle on/off switch to the left hand side, which is totally fine with me (although I have to admit I tried to turn it on on the left side a few times…old habits die hard…of course I was wondering why I was able to focus but not hit the shutter button in video mode…expecting to be in photo mode…) 🙂
I will get cozy with my little new toy and write a more extensive review in the coming days. Stay tuned 🙂

In case you have any questions regarding my experience with the new gear, just lemme know via my contact options on this site.